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About CEC



“Working together for a better tomorrow”


           We would like to take this opportunity in briefly introducing Canadian Staffing Consultants Ltd. Our agency is designed to initiate and propel the growth of your organization by providing the most qualified and skilled workers to meet the needs of our clients.  CSC originated from a desire to reform the status of the job market and provide employers with quality workers, saving businesses time and money, while incorporating honesty and honor in our business.

         There are many skilled professionals within our city that are not familiar with the potential employers that would benefit from their skills and experience. Our intention is to bridge these gaps by assessing and providing the client with the most suitable, highly-efficient, and dedicated employee.  

            While working alongside Fortune 500 companies and a government agency, CSC strives to ensure that the most appropriate candidates are supplied, by retrieving the finest professionals from all over the GTA.

            Because we are aware of the delicate financial nature of most businesses, our service is highly cost effective. However, this does not dismiss the importance our company holds to applicants that are competent and proficient. Every applicant completes a one-on-one consultation, including an extensive background check. The entire process allows us to evaluate the applicant in a holistic fashion and aims to measure attributes like intelligence, aptitude, and personality. This can help prospective employers to find the best match of individual to occupation and working environment.  As a recruitment tool, these tests can allow us, in the early stages of selection, to eliminate candidates who are likely to be unsuitable for the job. CSC assures you that no candidate is placed until they have successfully completed the entire assessment process.

              We look forward in meeting with you to discuss your company objectives and how we can work together to achieve your overall goals.


Warm Regards,






We look forward in having the opportunity to meet and discuss with you ways in which we can serve you to bring about time and cost efficiency within your company you.

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