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CSC offers a variety of benefits to our employees once worked for a period of time, usually having to fulfill the probationary period requirements.

These range from Health and Dental to certifications, awards, and recognitions.


Adding significance and value in a tangible approach enables growth and development to occur not only for the employee but for the employer as well.

An Employer's Struggle


     Employers today face a modern crisis in the job force-high turnover.


     With too many options and a competitive market, employees feel less and less content with their place of work, causing transitions and moving to occur more rapidly.


     CSC implements tools and protocols to ensure that the employee's longevity in the company is that of a long one.



      CSC not only relies on one-on-one consultations to produce quality candidates, but places a great emphasis on frequent meetings with the employee while they are still working for you for the duration of their contract. 


     Building relationships with the employee is key in sustaining thier employment with your company. 


     We have found that adding accountablilty in the form of frequent reviews, discussions, and updates, results in low turnover for the employer, a common issue that is prevelant in the job force today. 










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