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Accounting and Financial Consultation Services


With over 15 years of experience in the field of finance and accounting, our experts provide high-quality, personalized, and customized service. 


We provide a number of different services to individuals and small businesses. Services include accounting and bookkeeping, income tax preparation, and consultation services. Each of our clients are unique in that some require a wide range of services


Our accounting and tax experts can help you whether you require tax advise for your business or personal taxes.

Business Services

• Voluntary Disclosure
• Tax Audit Representation
• Income Tax Services
• Accounting and Auditing
• Accounts reconciliation
• Payroll services including T4 and T5 preparation
• HST, WSIB, and EHT filings
• Goods & Services Taxation (GST) and Harmonized Sales Taxation (HST)
• Business Valuation
• Start-up Help
• Bookkeeping Services – Providing bookkeeping services on a monthly (quarterly, annual) basis and preparation of necessary reports to help manage the business

Individual Services

• Debt counseling

• Voluntary Disclosure
• Income Tax Services
• Tax Audit Representation
• Personal Financial Planning
• Estate Planning & Compliance
• Litigation Support – Investigative accounting in all areas such as matrimonial settlements, insurance, claims, loss of income matters and estate disputes.

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