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Being the "IT" Candidate to the Annoying Caller

Going from probably being the “IT” candidate to the annoying caller

They are some people who just won’t give up. For instance, at some point, a recruiter probably called a candidate regarding a job opening and maybe even interviewed them, but now they won’t leave you alone – they call, they email and even send you a request via LinkedIn and some extreme people go as far as adding you on Facebook. It’s great to follow up with an email or call especially after an interview from a hiring manager or recruiter. Letting them know you’re really keen and looking forward to the possibility of getting the job. But leave it there. Calling several times a day for a status update is not ok. It's quite annoying. If you have provided the recruiter with the correct contact details, they will call you if they have news. Pestering recruiters will only see your name dropped from the shortlist – if you are high maintenance at this point, what will you be like if you actually get the job?

It comes a point when you just have to let it go and just move on. Don’t be that annoying sales caller, if you don’t hear back from the recruiter or hiring manager. You probably did not get the job and it might be that they are waiting to hear back from their clients.

Side-note: Be patient, hopeful and who knows you might get a call back for that job to kick off your career!!


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