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Slaying the Dragon 2: Conquering the In-Person Interview

Finally, the call you have been waiting for came through. You have been asked to come in for a one-on-one (in person) interview with your potential employer and you’re over the moon. This interview is your own personal sales event. You have to take the role of an actor and show off your true potential, knowledge and talents.

Now that you're the center of attention, use it to your advantage.

Here are some tips to help you get through the interview:

  • Before your interview, try practicing interview questions. The internet is at your disposal, so use it to know more about the company’s mission and values and align that to your personal mission and values.

  • Note down your key selling points about yourself and how it applies to the job.

  • Whatever you decide to wear to your interview, you have to look clean, neat, pressed and sharp.

  • Don’t be late! And turn off your phone. There is nothing more annoying than your cell phone ringing during your interview. It’s distracting!

  • Be ready to sell yourself: Each and every one of us are ‘closet’ sales people. You have to be ready to sell yourself to your potential employer. Make them want you by making them know that you’re the best fit. Know your strengths. During Your one-on-one interview is your only opportunity to talk about yourself without feeling guilty. Sell yourself. It’s a battlefield out there; go into that interview with the intention to win.

  • Firm handshake is very important, extend your hand for a handshake it simply shows that you are confident and courteous.

  • Posture: Your posture should be in an upright position.

  • Eye contact: Strong eye contact during an interview can make or break your chances of getting the job. It shows how confident you are and it reassures the interviewer that you know your stuff.

  • Don't fumble or mumble your way toward whatever you think your interviewer is saying. Ask for clarification.

  • Be ready to ask questions. An interview is a two-way communication. The interviewer is expected is to answer all your questions, not just any question but the right questions. Just as they are also expected to ask you questions, to determine if you are the best fit for that position.

  • After your interview, remember to say thank you for their time and consideration. Sending a thank you note within 24 hours is also encouraged.

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