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Can one performance appraisal instrument be used for all levels in an organization? Why or why not?

Contrary to common belief that “one size fits all” the reality is that we all have unique traits that distinguish us from others. Consequently, one performance appraisal instrument cannot be used as a standard across different levels within an organization; it will only lead to a flawed measurement as the instrument will not measure the true performance of the executives, managers, and employees. Due to the different job roles and responsibilities in each job group, presenting one appraisal to measure the performance of an individual will not help determine who the true performers are within the organization. For instance, an executive might be responsible for the successful leadership and management of the organization, and a manager will be responsible for overseeing and leading the work of a group of people, thus these roles need to be evaluated differently. The executives’ level will have to be provided with a performance appraisal instrument that applies to their job, same goes for the managers and employees. These level of job groups are different is so many ways in terms of decision making, job descriptions, roles and responsibilities. There is no common similarity in the different job level, so using one performance measurement will not provide the validity that a performance appraisal is suppose to have. Nor will it help to encourage employees to perform better in the future or acknowledge an employee that needs to be promoted.

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