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The CEC Difference: Consultation, Accountability, Longevity.

Here's the truth: When you're trying to fill a job vacancy the search can be overwhelming, tedious, and extremely time consuming. You end up spending valuable time looking through resumes and conducting interviews. Not to mention, the time and often money spent to ensure your job postings receive traffic.

Maybe you find the candidates most qualified for the position, but after conducting interviews you find that none of them appear to be a right fit for the unique culture of your workplace.

Finding the right employees is essential to a lucrative business. Many Staffing Agencies are focused on their bottom line: you hiring an employee they send your way. This is a problem for many reasons. The most prominent being that you want the best fit for the company and the position, not just someone capable of doing the job. Furthermore, you are charged for any consultation that takes place. Just like when you interview an employee, you need to find out if this Agency is a good fit for your business. You're both taking the time to meet with one another, why should you have to pick up the tab for this consultation?

Here is where the CEC Difference comes in. CEC genuinely cares about the success of your business and were not willing to sacrifice that in order to make a quick buck. In order to provide you with the candidates that will succeed at the job and thrive in the workplace environment, we feel like we should experience the environment first-hand. We also feel like you should not be charged for this visit, nor should you feel obligated to use our services afterwards. Once we have an understanding of who and what you're looking for, we can send those candidates your way.

So, let's say you decide to hire one of the candidates we send your way. Well, we wont just drop you and run. We want to make sure both you and your new employee remain happy and satisfied for the long haul. So, we will check in with you and your hires, ensuring both parties are content. Moreover, we will provide the employee with Health and Dental coverage, a significant incentive for longevity with the job (Also, so you don't have to).

What if you decide not to hire a candidate that we introduced you to? No problem. Perhaps our visit will provide you with the insight you need to find the right individual to fill the current position/s and/or the best way to ensure future openings are filled in a timely, efficient manner.

It seems like a no-brainer. Consultants who care about the productivity and on going success of your business providing you with hiring knowledge at absolutely no cost to you. There are really no strings attached.

Ultimately, you remain in control of who joins your business. We just want to make the hiring process a pleasant one; no hidden fees, no intimidation.

So, there it is. Although we could continue endlessly, we value your time. So, we'll leave you with that. We're looking forward to you experiencing the CEC difference!

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