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CEC: Why We Provide Health and Dental Benefits To Candidates.

Toronto Based Employment Agency provides candidates with customised Health and Dental plans.

When hiring new employees, businesses undoubtedly want the best and the brightest of the candidate pool. In order to achieve this, it is vital that candidates feel valued and secure in their new position. Following salary, health and dental coverage is the largest incentive for potential employees to apply to and remain at a job.

In today's workforce, many companies want to reduce costs, and do so by hiring employees on a contract/freelance basis. Unfortunately, this often means employees do not receive health and dental coverage. This is why CEC offers health and dental plans to employees sourced for our clients.

When an employee is able to take care of their health, they are more productive and take far fewer sick days. Additionally, offering a customised plan is key, as it caters to the unique needs of each individual. For example, a senior employee of 65 will want and need different coverage than a millennial employee. Moreover, employees can add their spouse, child, or even parents to their health and dental plan. Certainly, this is often a deciding factor when candidates are choosing between positions at competing companies. This is part of how we ensure our clients are provided with the most qualified and dedicated candidates out there. Not to mention this is done at no cost to the client, allowing them to remain within their budget while effectively securing the satisfaction and dedication of new hires.

Ultimately, equipping employees with the coverage they need is a major key to producing longevity and security in the workplace.

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