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Research. Research. Research - A Note to the Employee

Research. Research. Research

There may be a few companies you feel would be a great fit for you and where you would be happy to spend most of your days.

Before you start your application process begin with RESEARCHING all of them.

Make sure to Research the company before heading into the interview. Make interviewer feel like you actually see yourself within the company by taking the initiative to LEARN about the establishment. It gives people a sense of security and trust seeing you put just the slightest amount of effort in right off the bat.

Look the company up online ... Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and FOLLOW THEM.

Come time for the interview you will be all set and wont have to scramble to answer questions and you will have well formed opinions and will be able to speak genuinely about the company and your thoughts towards the position they are looking to fill.

By doing this you may even generate some ideas for tasks to tackle in the first weeks on the job. This will make your life easier, less stressful and get the ball rolling. Getting a head start on thoughts towards growing the business will impress any employer!

Also, do not be afraid to reach out and apply to any company large or small whether they are hiring or not . Make the call, send the email. Come time for hiring they will recognize your name when it comes up again.

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