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Employment Mentoring Services

Minimizing Risk and Managing Uncertainty

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The Next Step: Get a new job? Start a business? Go back to school? Change career?


Searching for a career path or seeking a career change can sometimes be challenging. Our consultants at CSC will walk alongside you and to help you identify your interests and evaluate your options to decide the next step in your life and career. 


Our process encompasses holistic and effective tools that help us understand your needs better as well preparing you every step of the way:


  • Assisting candidates in writing effective resumes for potential employers (writing tips, resume samples, cover-letter tips, cover-letter samples)

  • Providing sector-specific and occupation-specific advice/coaching

  • Job/Career counseling, assessment, and professional networking

  • Interview tips (preparation, questions, appearance, etc.)  


 Our Approach


DISCOVERY THROUGH DIALOGUE - We find that many times, both organic and career-structured conversations, assist in the development of uncovering the next steps in moving forward. Our consultants fully understand how significant and delicate this period is for someone. Which is why our sessions revolve around the practical, coupled with the emotional state of the individual.


The sessions are catered around the individual understanding more about himself/herself. This will determine the direction and approach he/she needs to take. 



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