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      CSC understands that marketplace challenges that can occur when attempting to locate and secure the right candidate. CSC offers a full spectrum of staffing services to organizations that place a high value on quality recruiting. We are dedicated to introducing employers with a wide variety of skilled, highly-efficient, and qualified career seekers.

      Our primary is to gain an in-depth understanding of the operations of each of our clients so we can properly assess and refine our search.

      Also, without committing to CSC, you get the chance of reviewing and interviewing our candidates.

      Because we are aware of the delicate financial nature of most businesses, our service is highly cost-effective. However, this does not dismiss the importance our company holds to finding candidates who are competent and proficient.

     Every applicant completes a one-on-one consultation, including  an extensive background check. The entire process allows us to evaluate the applicant in a holistic fashion and aims to measure attributes such as hard skills, soft skills, personality, and aptitude. 


Whether contract-to-hire, temporary, or permanent, CSC helps you to achieve your desired business objective 

Below is our 48 hour Resume Generator.

Let us know what you're looking for and we will find you the most qualified candidates. 

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*Canadian employers only please*

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