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Job Seekers

Working with a variety of departments and professions, CEC offers project work, contract-to-full-time positions or full-timeproject work, contract-to-full-time positions or full-time jobs. 

We strive to provide a proper assessment, matching your skills, experience and goals with available jobs within reputable and estasblished orangizations. 

Once we have received your resume, we will review your qualifications and before we send you on an interview, we will meet with you in-person to get to know you and your career goals.


Please note, we are only accepting resumes and applications from those who reside within Ontario. We are a local Staffing Agency and are not licensed to manage applications from outside of Canada. You will have to contact immigration services or review the government website for more info.
We will contact applicants who meet the requirements of the jobs we have open.
Thank you


SCAMS and FRAUD- Please be advised that there are fraudulent companies impersonating Canadian Staffing Consultants Ltd. We DO NOT send texts or WhatsApp messages about jobs nor do we charge candidates for applications. If you receive any messages, please ignore. We do not source candidates from outside of Canada as well

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*Resumes from within Canada only please*

Looking for employment? WE’RE ON THE JOB!

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